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Established in 1999, Guangdong Haydai Toys Co., Ltd. integrates design, development, production and sales. It has its own brand of intelligent plush toys, and has successfully realized the international high-tech enterprise of international marketing, special research and development, and inland production. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Ha Yidai International Group.

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Toy customization

Gifts, corporate mascots, event mascots, vibrato dolls, etc. plush smart toys custom

Merchants join

Brand joining agent, product distribution, shopping mall / airport / toy city, etc.

Animation license

Signing authorization cooperation for games, animation IP, film and television characters, net red toy image, etc.

Match cooperation

Olympic Games, Winter Olympics, Asian Games, World Cup, European Cup, College Games, etc.

Animation license

5 major animation culture IP signing authorization, tens of billions of heat conversion hot products

Toy customization

The global 500 strong choice, 20 years of
professional ability is trustworthy

Match cooperation

International sports competition cooperation, originated from China's famous world

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The 16th Shaanxi Provincial Games in 2018

The 14th Provincial Games of Anhui in 2018

The 28th Beijing Olympic Games in 2008

2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

Russia World Cup in 2018

2018 Jakarta Asian Games mascot

Brand combining

Enlightenment and education, fun endless
new form of smart toys

Starting from the market consumption and social environment, it is close to the inner world of children,
combining modern technology with human emotions to achieve educational and entertaining.
Human-computer interaction, alleviate the lack of companionship, and let children grow up healthy and happy.

Glory data

10 consecutive years
Get trustworthy title
CCTV and media
More than 20 Report
300+ patent
Over 6,000 Global

Listed by the local government
as a key listed breeding company

Won the title of famous Chinese brand,
excellent independent brand,
China's top ten toy brands

Shortlisted as "China's Most Reputable
Consumer Brand" and Selected as
"China's Favorite Consumer Brand"

Sponsored many Olympic Games, World
University Students, Asian Games
and other sports event competitions

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