brand combining

Diversified profit model, the Nuggets 100 billion market

100 billion grade plush + smart toy market

Seize the opportunity and create a vision for the future

  • Children huge crowd

    320 million

    China's children under the age of 14 reached 320 million. With the opening of the national second-child policy, the children's consumer market is still growing rapidly and the market is huge.
  • RIndustry annual growth

    75% increase

    Intelligent toy products will maintain an average annual growth rate of 75% in the next five years, far exceeding the annual growth rate of 6% in the toy industry.
  • Category favored

    64% ratio

    After the 1980s and 90s, parents paid attention to the next generation of education, scene companionship and enlightenment education, and 64% of adult consumers expressed interest in purchasing.
  • Blue Ocean market size

    5% level

    The traditional toy industry competes in the Red Sea, and smart toys have become popular or a blue ocean. The data shows that smart electronic toys account for less than 5%.

3 kinds of cooperation, multiple profits

Comprehensive resource integration, sharing the wealth of the era

  • Regional agent

    Regional agent, enjoy all the Ha-generation independent brands and animation authorized brand management qualifications in the region.

  • Channel cooperation

    Shops such as Shangchao, Maternal and Child Shop, Toy City, Department Stores, and Children's Chains have entered the cooperation.

  • Business cooperation

    Own customer resources, such as: corporate mascot orders, toy gift orders, animation IP licensing and other product needs cooperation.

5 major anime image authorization

Tens of billions of IP heat, transforming hot products

Pig Pecs Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Beacon Bear Super fly man Folk ghost

6 series 100+ varieties

Market Trends Product Type

Parent-child ompanionship is increasingly lacking, children's education growth is seriously affected, infants and children's
enlightenment education and parent-child companion market broke out, Ha-generation smart toys are substituted into
the life scene design and development, fully meet customer needs, directly hit the social pain points, become a trend of mouth products.

8 major cooperation advantages

The whole industry chain group brand, the strength is trustworthy

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