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20 years cultures rooted toy industry,innovation-driven skills tide country rise

Group background

"Ha Yi Dai Toys" brand is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Harbindai International Group,
which is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of the toy culture industry. It also has animation industry, film culture, entertainment culture and other industrial subsidiaries.

Hong Kong Ha Yidai International Group

After 20 years of development, Hong Kong Ha Yi International Group has gradually evolved from global export and intelligent manufacturing and brand operation to a comprehensive development enterprise group such as original animation, children's film and television, children's playground and early childhood education. And carry out the development of the whole industry chain around the original IP, and comprehensively and progressively improve the various cultural industries such as smart toys, children's consumer goods, animation, comics, film and television, education, paradise, etc., forming a layout of animation, film and television, and children's cultural industry chain. Great entertainment ecology closed loop.

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Ha Yidai Animation Culture Co., Ltd.

Based on the high-quality and high-efficiency animation production capability, Ha Yi Dai Animation Culture Co., Ltd. is a company based on the international market and focusing on original animation. The company has the most abundant animation production experience at home and abroad, and brings together international excellent animation creative development and production teams.

The company is committed to creating an original animation industry chain. The industry covers animation original content research and development, IP library authorization, channel distribution, derivative development, children's playground, children's education and online and offline virtual reality experience.

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Ha Yidai Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd.

Ha Yi Dai Film & TV Culture Co., Ltd. is a film and television company with investment, production and distribution as its core business, such as film and television dramas, large-scale promotional films and national documentaries. It has the Grade A qualification for national film and television production.

In the course of more than 10 years of development, the company's film and television business has been expanding. The company's director, camera and dubbing are all from CCTV. The team has a new creative concept and rich experience in production. In particular, it has a unique understanding and creativity for TV commercials. Many cities and CCTV channels have good cooperation. It has covered many fields such as film and television drama investment and production, documentary production, film and television commercial production, post-production of film and television drama, film distribution, TV variety investment and production, cinema line investment and management.

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