About Ha Yiyin

20 years of rooted in the toy culture industry, technological innovation drives the rise of the national tide

a brand about healing the mind

Enlightenment, fun, endless fun
Brighten the world of children and let happiness fill every corner of childhood

The Ha-generation brand smelts the essence of Chinese culture and quintessence of national quintessence, and combines it with advanced AI intelligent voice/interactive technology to create a living body with the spiritual image and wisdom of the oriental culture - "Ha-generation smart toys".

"HAYIDAI Hat Toys" has always adhered to the brand tenet of "high quality, environmental protection, safety and intelligence". It adopts safe and environmentally-friendly materials and strictly follows the certification and testing of professional institutions to adapt to the sensitive and close-knit experience of sensitive skin. And developed a new form of "enlightenment, education, fun" intelligent toys.

Comprehensively improve the social status quo of the lack of companionship in the modern family, let the children grow up healthy and happy, life is full of laughter, love and care.

Brand proposition

Smart toy new nationalism

Brand Concept

Plush toys are not just children's patents, they are a manifestation of a casual culture.
In leisure products, we firmly believe that the first thing should be the rest of the soul, so the brand should also reflect
the release of the soul and the spiritual liberation.

Brand Personality

Technology, fashion, environmental protection, safety

Brand Value

Internet + intelligence, fun and fun, endless fun

Brand Purpose

High quality, environmental protection, safety, intelligence
(Specially made plush, export grade RP cotton, self-developing AI technology)


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