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20 years of rooted in the toy culture industry, technological innovation drives the rise of the national tide

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Ha YiDai 20 years

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Guangdong Ha Yidai Toys Co., Ltd. was established in the predecessor, and all products are exported to developed countries in Europe and America
Established Dongguan Ha Yidai Toys (Henan) Branch.
Ha Yidai's own brand of toys was founded. At the same time of export, we began to design, develop, produce and sell our own brands, and the road of brand operation was officially opened.
The formation of the brand of Harbin is accelerating the development towards high technology. Intelligent creation has become the core of enterprise development. It is an electric intelligent high-tech toy enterprise with its own brand.
Ha Yidai Group entered the animation culture industry, and the first generation of toys began to integrate the animation image to develop rapidly.
The domestic market of the first generation of toy brands has taken the lead and the brand image has been further laid.
The high-tech toys of the first generation have been upgraded again, and the technological content of the industry products is far ahead.
Ha generation has been involved in artificial intelligence robot products and entered the high-tech toys in the field of cloud interconnection.
The strategy of Harbin's generation has been re-adjusted to cater to the Group's comprehensive development of original animation, children's film, children's playground, early childhood education, etc. From the global export and intelligent manufacturing, brand operation, the gradual consolidation and improvement of the closed-loop chain of the Group's entertainment platform.

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