Intelligent robot Peter Pan (small love)

Product number: XFX7062

Product barcode: 6944325 40397

Product size: 30cm cm

Body material: crystal super soft

Packing: color box packaging

National sales: ¥499

Product features: "Peter Pan Smart Robot Love" is a multi-functional intelligent escort robot. It is powerful and has a lot of skills. Reverse learning, idioms, children's calculator, weather query, time inquiry General knowledge, Chinese-English translation, children's chat, singing, storytelling, ancient poetry, etc., all right; it is helpful, with the help of it, you can learn a lot of knowledge. "Peter Pan Intelligent Robot - Xiao Ai" can be bound to the mobile phone through the WeChat public account. After the binding is successful, you can also chat with WeChat. You can also share the QR code for family and friends, and let your family and friends join your chat. The army can send a WeChat to family and friends anytime and anywhere, and it can accompany the children to grow up without gaps!

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